Settle a Child Custody Dispute with an Attorney

Kentucky Child Custody Attorney in Owensboro, Ky

Fighting for your children in family court can take a serious strain on your emotions, family and your finances. Candy Yarbray Englebert, PSC has years of experience working with families and getting them strong representation. In Kentucky, there are two different forms of child custody that are important to understand:

1. Legal Custody- Once legal custody is determined, the court needs to define where the child will actually reside and factors in specific challenges like, parents living far away, domestic violence and substance abuse. The court must also take into consideration the new custody statute.

2. Physical Custody- Allows parents to make decisions on behalf of their child. This can include sole or joint child custody and is there to protect the child when it comes to decisions related to education, religion, activities etc.

In all cases, the best interest of the child remains top priority. Making sure you have an experienced, confident and compassionate child custody attorney will be detrimental to the case and your family as you go through this challenging time. Let Candy Yarbray Englebert, PSC help you.
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