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Protect Your Family From Drawn-Out Legal Problems

Legal issues can tear families apart. Candy Yarbray Englebert, PSC will work hard to prevent that from happening to your family. As a child custody attorney in Owensboro, Kentucky, Candy Yarbray Englebert will help you make sound decisions about your children. She can also help you adopt a child.

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Do you need spousal support (maintenance)

Do you need spousal support (maintenance)

Candy Yarbray Englebert also reviews your spousal support (maintenance) needs. She'll help you get the financial support you need to start the next chapter of your life off right.

Attorney Englebert also takes cases dealing with:

  • Divorce. She'll provide you with sound legal counsel so you can divorce protecting your rights.
  • Paternity. She'll help you establish legal paternity so you can have a more active role in your child's life.
  • Domestic partnerships. She'll help you when you and your partner part ways.

Turn to us for all of your family law needs. Contact us today to consult with an attorney who can assist you with your financial needs.