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Do you need help filing for divorce in Owensboro, Kentucky? Reach out to Candy Yarbray Englebert, PSC. Attorney Englebert will sit down with you to discuss all aspects of your divorce.

While divorces are never easy, Ms. Englebert will shoulder your legal burden and help you keep costs to a minimum. You can rest assured she'll help you part ways with your spouse with all of your rights protected.

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Don't make a decision fueled by emotion

Don't make a decision fueled by emotion

Your mind is flooded with emotions as you go through a divorce. As your divorce attorney, Candy Yarbray Englebert will give you objective legal advice so you can make wise choices. She'll help you:

  • Determine a suitable child custody arrangement
  • Divide your property and joint accounts
  • Decide which assets are best for you to keep

Make filing for divorce as painless as possible. Contact Attorney Englebert today to start the process.